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About Us

"Brand Story"
Ethos was birthed into ideation of wanting to cultivate a unique relationship between brand and consumer. This strong yearning was actualise by today’s ever-evolving technology. In an advanced world where everything is soon to be a full-fledge automated system, we want to sustain the pathos of mankind - emotions, logos of mankind - logic and ethos of mankind - character. While the fundamental of the brand is innovative technology and eco practices, we do not believe it is not limited to the emotions of mankind. However, we also believe that emotions should stay relevant within the human minds and not converted into an intangible product. The logos (logic) of our brand is providing the one solution to consumer.

Our Vision

“Ethos is about evolving into an all-inclusive community to work towards raising the quality of lives and the environment, equally.’’
Our ultimate vision with Ethos is to be a leading brand in the local market as a purposeful status symbol. We want the generation to look up to Ethos as a brand that advocates for the right things while advancing in today’s cutting-edge technology. Ethos‘ status symbol that we provide is not monetary values but it is for a higher rights of all people.
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Daily Memoirs

Our venture, Our story & Our archives.

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